The Next Generation of
BrainHearingTM Technology

Powered by the Inium Sense Platform

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30% more processing power,

same great battery life

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With more processing power, Inium Sense provides more complete support for how the brain processes sound. This includes:

Up to 20% improved soft speech understanding*
Inium Sense feedback shield system with improved gain manager for faster feedback detection and removal
Complete tinnitus treatment capabilities without compromising signal processing technology
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Le Goff, N., ”Amplifying soft sounds—a
personal matter” Whitepaper. Oticon, Inc. Feb. 2015.
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Hear soft speech

without turning up the volume

High frequency speech sounds are part of about 75% of everyday listening environments, not just quieter, one-on-one communications. Soft Speech Booster and VAC+ provide the ability to customize soft gain based on each patient’s unique perception of sound for a more personalized fitting that performs in a full range of everyday listening environments.

Makes it easier to optimize the audibility of soft sounds without over-amplifying other background sound
Provides the best personal balance between comfort and details of speech for each patient.
VAC+ and Soft Speech Booster results in up to 20% improvement in soft speech understanding
Le Goff, N., ”Amplifying soft sounds—a
personal matter” Whitepaper. Oticon, Inc. Feb. 2015.
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Fully integrated

tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, but it is primarily the brain’s reaction to the loss of normal input from the ear. Tinnitus SoundSupport builds on our BrainHearing approach and is fully integrated into our proven Performance Line families.

Provides sound according to patient preference, reducing the starkness of the tinnitus in the auditory brain
Easily activated and adjusted to accommodate your patient’s changing tinnitus needs
Counseling and support tools help you guide your patients through their journey towards tinnitus relief
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