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Alta2 premium hearing solution family delivers the full range of BrainHearing technologies to help the brain make the best possible sense of sound.


Nera2 mid-level hearing solution family unites the audiological needs of your patients with their personal listening preferences.


Ria2 essential hearing solution family delivers excellent sound quality and provides your patients with a more balanced listening experience.

The Performance Line

BrainHearingTM technologies powered by Inium Sense work together continuously to give the brain the personalized input it needs to make sense of sound. To help you find the ideal match for your patient’s hearing preferences, Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 feature different combinations of BrainHearing TM technologies to deliver a more natural listening experience.

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performance line
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Custom Options

Combining the audiological benefits of Inium Sense, wireless capabilities and discreet size, the IIC and CIC will continue to be a favorite amongst first time users.

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